Americans to wage civil war against capitalist one-percenters: Analyst

The people in the United States will eventually launch a civil war against the minority capitalist cartels who are making enormous profits at the cost of the people’s sufferings, a political analyst tells Press TV.

“Ultimately, people in the US are turning these international wars of aggression around and they are turning them into a civil war against the one percent that profits it as human suffering goes on,” said Caleb Maupin, with the International Action Center from New York, in a Wednesday interview with Press TV.

Maupin pointed to Washington’s resolve to continue its military adventurism across the world amid the deepening economic crisis in the country and the aggravating life conditions for the American public.

“Fundamentally, this is because the bankers and the one percent that run this country, the wealthy ruling class, have profits to be made from international aggression and from committing crimes and that is an outrage,” he added.

“People are realizing that here in the US and that is why we are seeing all these uprisings; that is why these demonstrations are happening,” the analyst pointed out.

Last week, the US Census Bureau’s annual report revealed that the poverty rate among American women and children reached a 17-year record high in 2010, standing at 14.5 percent.

This is while in the 2012 fiscal year, Washington has allocated USD 531 billion for its base military budget and USD 115 billion for overseas contingency operations.

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