Heavy sky: Pakistan rattled by deadly US drone attacks [RT]

US drone strikes in Pakistan have entered their third day, bringing the death toll to 28. One of the strikes reportedly targeted a senior Al-Qaeda leader. This comes with Islamabad urging Washington to stop attacks which harm civilians.

On Monday US military drones struck a village in the North Waziristan, a region on the border with Afghanistan that is said to be a hub of militant activity. Up to 16 suspected Taliban fighters were killed in the attack.

Abu Yahya al-Libi, a senior Al-Qaeda leader, was the target of that attack, though it is unclear whether he was killed, say US and Pakistani government sources as cited by Reuters.

Over the weekend US drones carried out two attacks in the region of South Waziristan killing 12 alleged militants.

Islamabad has strongly condemned the recent strikes on its territory calling them “illegal” and saying that they violate the country’s sovereignty.

Many point to the fact that drone strikes have substantially increased under the presidency of Barack Obama. Pakistan has seen seven such attacks in less than two weeks.

The strikes targeting Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants often result in civilian casualties.

Reuters / U.S. Air Force photo


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One Response to Heavy sky: Pakistan rattled by deadly US drone attacks [RT]

  1. gsosbee says:

    Drones & Directed Energy Assaults are used for two purposes 1)mass murder 2) kill the will of man.

    Understand that the wholesale killing and torturing of people globally by the fbi/cia/pentagon, and their operatives is executed by any means available, including Drones, Directed Energy Weaponry, High Tech Chemical & Biological Assaults. The killers of this nation understand that mass murder is not enough to stop the adversaries; one must also break the will of man to defend his own country, his own life (& that of his family) and his own sanity. Total psychological surrender is required. Torture and the threat of torture are the new weaponry used by the United States Of America in order to once and for all control all mankind and all nations. The USA’s own combat veterans and patriots are also subject to the deadly assaults and torture. For more on torture see:



    Early on in the efforts by the fbi to prevent me from reporting their crimes, the fbi notified me that they will break me:
    See broken toothpick message dated Feburary 8, 2002 at



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