by Susanne Posel

Obama Hopes Cyber Attacks Against Iran will Lead to Nuclear Strikes

As soon as President Barack Obama took office in 2008, he ordered the continuation of cyber-attacks against Iran . The target was Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities.

These cyber-attacks originated during the Bush presidency, under the code name “Olympic Games” (OG).

This information accidently escaped the programming in 2010, which lead to its leak into the public. OG was then released onto the internet after causing havoc at Iran’s Natanz plant.

OG, which was created by the US and Israel, has been renamed Stuxnet.

Once OG “escaped”, Obama realized that it would most certainly be tied back to his administration. He loosely directed his national security team to cover up the US involvement in Stuxnet.

OG was renamed once again by Kaspersky Labs, hired by the UN to investigate the worm. Flame was first thought to be super-secret software written in video game language.

Flame’s capabilities, such as remote control of PC microphones, compromises to data collection, makes it the perfect infiltrator for Iran’s most sensitive digital information.

The Obama administration’s use of Flame caused Iran’s nuclear plant digital infrastructure to crash.

As interviews over recent months reveal, the US and Israel came together to attack Iran; along with the European Union and a wide range of employed experts to guarantee that the worm would perform as planned.

Regardless of the lack of evidence that Iran was building nuclear weapons, the US continued to sabotage Iran’s progress. Experts came forward to assert that Iran’s enrichment levels were far below those necessary for the creation of a nuclear warhead.

Yet, the US government ignored these findings, using their assumption to justify their cyber-attacks and movements toward convincing the international community of Iran’s supposed guilt.

The UN jumped on the band wagon by declaring through UN nuclear inspectors that their satellite imagery indicated that some buildings were allegedly torn down as a assumed “clean up” at an Iranian military site that the UN expected to see.


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