French react with fury to Cameron pledge – suggesting he might have had too much to drink


The French reacted with fury to David Cameron’s pledge to ‘roll out the red carpet’ to Gallic tax exiles today – even accusing the Prime Minister of having drunk too much.

Claude Barletone, a senior member of the governing Socialist Party in Paris, said Mr Cameron might well have over-indulged when he made the remark at the G20 meeting in Mexico.

Mr Barletone even highlighted the number of British people who want to move to France because of the appalling schools and healthcare in the UK.

David Cameron yesterday on the eve of the G20 summit at the Hotel France President Francois Hollande in Los Cabos, Mexico

Green and pleasant land: David Cameron promised to welcome rich French citizens with open arms as Francois Hollande prepared to raise taxes

He said: ‘I hope that it was an after-dinner remark and that he didn’t have all his wits about him when he said these things, because it’s just not the done thing.’

Blogger note: LOL time!

‘There are French bosses who are patriots, there are, amongst the battery of measures that we are going to take in favour of businesses, measures which will encourage investment and incite firms to stay in France,’ said Mr Cazeneuve.

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