GOLD PRICE MANIPULATION: Telegraph’s new enfant terrible spills the beans [TheSlog]

The London Daily Telegraph’s new young City whistle-blower Thomas Pascoe has encouraged the longstanding band of gold manipulation spotters by writing this piece today. It is pretty much a vindication of what The Slog’s been saying for six years: that gold sales, auditing, location, price, market size and mining statistics are a load of old bollocks – a feast that moves in mysterious ways to suit the Sovereign agenda of the hour.

This was my most recent post last month.

My my my, how the global worms are wriggling out of the multiply-kicked cans these days. Just to tot them up for those of us in the Squeezed Middle:

1. Capping the gold price

2. Using QE to negate Bear Notes

3. Raising the cost of credit by manipulating Libor up

4. Indirectly lowering the rate on deposits by manipulating Libor down

5. Pauperising every 55+ investor via Zirp

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