08.16.12 AEP: Finland prepares for break-up of eurozone []

by John Galt

While the American financial media continues its summer bliss of ignorance, failing to understand the reality on the ground in the PIIGS and Eastern European nations whose economies are collapsing, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard spells out a warning in tonight’s commentary from the U.K. Telegraph:

As the Finns have long been skeptical of the bankster bailout plans submitted to keep the Brussels-Berlin axis afloat, this shocking bit of news should be a wake up call for those who continue to think that the Euro currency as it exists now is saved or even can be saved. While the Finnish are preparing for the collapse, so are the miserly banksters of Old Europe, shielding assets, refusing to loan to institutions in the soon to be ejected nations, and cutting special deals with the other central banks of the world to guarantee they do not feel the impact of this seismic event.


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