Monopoly Money [milesfranklin]

Take a look at the photo – and caption – below, and think long and hard.

I know Monopoly is just a game; but then again, what’s so “SACROSANCT” about the U.S. dollar?  Since Monopoly was invented in 1934, not a single “monopoly dollar” has been added to circulation.  That is, each 2012 version has the same amount in its “bank” as in 1934.  And thus – what do you know?  PRICES HAVEN’T CHANGED AT ALL!

That’s right, Baltic Avenue has ALWAYS been $60, and Boardwalk ALWAYS $400.  Not to mention – for real estate-focused readers – a “house” or “hotel” on Boardwalk has ALWAYS been $200.  Actually, the only “monopoly price” that has increased in 78 years is the “Luxury Tax” – from $75 to $100 – to simplify making change!

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