On Switzerland and the mafia [sovereignman]

A few weeks ago, western governments’ war on productive people took an interesting twist when US immigration authorities detained two teenage children of an asset manager based here in Switzerland.

The kids were traveling through the United States by themselves to visit extended family, and they were interrogated for six hours about their father’s business and whereabouts.

During the six-hour ordeal, the children were not allowed to contact family members who were waiting for them, nor any sort of attorney or advisor. You can just imagine grandma and grandpa waiting in the arrivals hall for six hours, petrified that something terrible had happened to the children.

This is incredible. It’s not enough that Switzerland already agreed in April to end its once sacrosanct banking privacy and turn over bank records to the IRS. Uncle Sam will not rest until they hunt down every last banker and pump them for details about clients’ assets.

Yet even mafia thugs know that wives and kids are off limits. Western authorities clearly have absolutely no moral compunction whatsoever in getting their ‘fair share.’

Look, this is not some defense of tax evasion. If for no other reason that simply to avoid prison, people ought to pay the minimum amount… and not a penny more. But the fervor with which these bankrupt governments pursue suspects where there is even a -hint- of impropriety is extraordinary.



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