The Polish Bin-Laden Revelation: Uninformed, Naïve, or Just Plain Calculated? [boilingfrog]

polishYesterday, after I finished reading McClatchy’s ‘juicy story’based on some Ex-Polish spy’s recent ‘revelations,’ I kept going back and forth between several theories to explain the ‘real factors and purposes’ behind this entire nonsense. Of course, in coming up with my possible ‘possibilities’ I kept the paper’s own dictated agenda (factor) constant (not among the variables) making my approach semi-scientific. After all, we are talking US mainstream media, the ‘always constant’ when it comes to establishment-dictated narratives. That left me with the source, possible factors influencing or completely shaping the source’s revelations, and most importantly, the benefactors-who may be benefited from this so-called revelation and how.

Now, here is the link, some highlights from McClatchy’s juicy story, and a few comments from me (All emphasis are mine):

CIA balked at chance to kill bin Laden in ’99- Polish ex-spy says

In late 1999, two years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people, a group of Afghan agents loyal to an anti-Taliban guerrilla leader proposed assassinating Osama bin Laden. All they wanted was the $5 million reward the Clinton administration had offered for bin Laden’s capture, says a former Polish spy who was the Afghans’ go-between on the plot. The CIA rejected the plan, however, saying, “We do not have a license to kill.”

First, I thought McClatchy was being cute-an attempt to be sarcastic and humorous. Later, a few sentences down the junk piece, I realized they were actually serious. For God’s sake someone please tell me: since when, from day one of its inception, this evil agency has murdered, butchered, illegally assassinated, bombed … based on having a license to do so? Let me put it differently, as far as the establishment (those who gave birth to this terror organization and have sustained its evil existence) goes, the license with no ifs or buts, and one with no expiration date, has always been there. So what license are they referring to in this junk-story? Congressional mandate/blessing? I don’t know of any ‘formally’ granted congressional blessing for all the terror work this agency has been carrying out for over half a century. And of course, there are no constitutional, international laws, human rights bodies … that has the power or right to issue or withhold a ‘Killing License’ to this terror agency. Are they talking about the Commander in Chief? If so, when it comes to hierarchy, the establishment and its agency, our ever-present and constant shadow government, has always come first.

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