It’s the food prices, stupid [SoberLook]

Once again the world is shocked to see how quickly unrest can erupt across the Muslim world, spreading almost overnight into numerous nations: Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, etc. The trigger this time happened to be an idiotic YouTube post called Innocence of Muslims which pokes fun at Prophet Muhammad and the origins of Islam.

Time: – In a saner world, the trailer for Innocence of Muslims would get no response other than as an example of terrible filmmaking. The 14-minute video, purporting to be excerpted from a larger movie propagandizing present-day Muslims and the life of Muhammad, is confoundingly bad, filled with incongruous accents, haphazard cuts, ludicrous dialogue and green-screen so bad that the actors appear to be floating in the air.

But how is it that this fringe video could suddenly generate this much hatred and violence – taking numerous lives in the process? The answer is that just as Arab Spring had little to do with zeal for democratic freedom (discussed here), these new violent protests have little to do with a new surge in anti-American sentiment (which has been strong for generations).

The unfortunate reality is that this unrest in numerous Muslim nations (as predicted here) is driven, far more than anything else, by the rise in food prices across the region. This is the same phenomena that toppled brutal dictators who were able to cling to power for decades.

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