Who did the Stuxnet? Final Episode [cryptome]

Who did the Stuxnet? Final Episode

We have previously referred to this issue briefly before. The previous page is here:


Unedited Press.ir video referenced below , titled “30 US spies arrested in Iran-Iran Today-06-21-2011,” in two parts (edited version published in Iran):https://secure.cryptome.us/2012/09/30-us-spies-01.zip (Zipped FLV, 58MB)
https://secure.cryptome.us/2012/09/30-us-spies-02.zip (Zipped FLV, 65MB)

We have received new information from credible sources within Iranian Judiciary that at least two Iranian Engineers have been captured and convicted for espionage against Iranian regime. These two young individuals are linked to Stuxnet attack to Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

Our source has seen the final legal decision of Iranian judiciary issued to Families of these Two engineers and their conviction is reported to be “Working against national security with Foreign countries”. Both received Life sentence, although the lawyers of the female individual reduced her charges to 15 years because she cooperated with MOIS, Iranian Intelligence. The case against these two specific individuals has been produced during a long investigation of Iranian authorities to unexpected access to Telecommunication infrastructure provided to Government.

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