UN Plotting Invasion of Northern Mali [thenewamerican]

After having recently left thousands dead from overthrowing the governments ruling Libya and the Ivory Coast, the United Nations is already plotting its next invasion to deal with the fallout. This time, Mali is in the UN’s crosshairs.


Mali attracted UN attention when the northern part of the country was taken over by Islamists and nomadic rebels amid a military coup d’état that ousted the government in the South. The UN Security Council is currently considering two resolutions related to the country, a former colony of France. The first one calls for negotiations between armed rebels in the North and the supposed “interim” government operating in the capital. That measure is expected to be approved soon, according to officials involved in the negotiations.

The second resolution would purport to authorize international military intervention, a move being sought by the coalition of regimes making up the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the struggling “interim” government in Southern Mali. The French government is circulating a draft of the resolution this week.

Among the key points in the tentative UN plan is a request that ECOWAS draft a proposal for an international assault on Northern Mali to oust the rebels, who are reportedly committing wanton human rights abuses under the guise of imposing Islamic Sharia law. The scheme demands “detailed and actionable recommendations … for such an international military force, including means and modalities of the envisaged deployment.”

On top of that, the draft resolution calls on UN member governments, regional authorities, and international organizations to “prepare to provide support, including through military training, provision of equipment and other forms of assistance in efforts to combat terrorist and affiliated extremist groups.” Finally, if approved, the measure would express the Security Council’s “readiness to respond positively to the request … for an international military force.”

In other words, if the resolution is adopted — unnamed diplomats cited by Reuters said it was likely to pass — the UN and assorted regional and national governments will soon be invading Mali. “We need more clarifications on models and formulas on how the international community can help,” UN boss Ban Ki-Moon told reporters about what is needed before the international military plot can proceed.

Former Italian Prime Minister and European Commission chief Romano Prodi has already been appointed as the UN “special envoy” for the Sahel region, the vast area along the Southern Sahara where much of Mali is located. Military planners, meanwhile, are reportedly drawing up an attack plan to prop up the “interim” government purportedly ruling some parts of the nation.


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