‘Living Under Drones’ report reveals devastating impact of US policy in Pakistan [mondoweiss]

Devastating, Living Under Drones 3:30:

“Before the drone attacks, it was as if everyone was young. After the drone attacks, it is as if everyone is ill.”

Recently a teenage friend from Gaza visited me on her first trip away from her home on the Strip. The very first morning we were outside relaxing on the deck when the invasive sound of a worker operating an industrial sized weed blower in the neighbor’s yard permeated our space. Suddenly her eyes dulled, she looked at me and said “drone.”

Drones terrorize entire populations, for far too many people they are a fact of life. It is vitally necessary the US government change its drone policy for it is a national shame.

From Brave New Foundation:

Brave New Foundation has the honor of releasing a video to accompany a seminal report by human rights law experts at Stanford and New York University law schools. The report, entitled Living Under Dronespresents chilling first-hand testimony from Pakistani civilians on the humanitarian and security costs of escalating drone attacks by the United States. The report uncovers civilian deaths, and shocking psychological and social damage to whole families and communities – where people are literally scared to leave their homes because of drones flying overhead 24 hours a day.



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