Silver Manipulation [silverforbeginners]

Silver Manipulation is nothing new. For thousands of years, the elites have devised systems and techniques in which to cleverly steal from others. However, in sheer magnitude, the story of modern day silver may be unparalleled in all of human history.


Though the motives are uncertain, the manipulation taking place is not. Is the cabal’s interest in silver suppression only to prop up the US dollar for a little longer? Or are they quietly acquiring physical silver while shorting its paper price? Whatever their motives may be, let’s take this time to review events from the past week to put you in a better position to succeed.

First, we begin with a recent Ted Butler column published on 24hgold.comTed Butler has been a constant voice calling for investigations into silver manipulation and has been publishing content concerning precious metals online since 1996. He recently published ‘The Arguments Against Silver Manipulation‘ to take a devil’s advocate approach and run through the points of those who disagree with manipulation. JPMorgan has been the ‘alleged’ biggest culprit in the silver manipulation. Those who disagree that silver manipulation is even taking place often point to these reasons for JPMorgan’s short positions:

  • JPMorgan is selling short paper contracts aggressively in order to buy physical cheaply.
  • JPMorgan is only hedging for clients.
  • JPMorgan is only selling more silver short to serve as a counter party to speculative buying.
  • JPMorgan’s COMEX short position is offset by (presumably long) OTC positions, netting out and neutralizing the COMEX short.

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