EU Banking Union ‘Illegal’ – But Who Cares? [acting-man]

Just Hold On a Minute, Chaps…

As the centralizers rush headlong toward establishing the European super-state  that no-one except the political and bureaucratic elites actually wants, another small ‘legal obstacle’ has reared its head. This seems highly likely to be yet another test case for one of our pet theories:  laws that are designed to hold Leviathan in check are immaterial to the eurocracy. They will simply be reinterpreted to fit the agenda of the day (examples for this abound – most recently the ECB has proven to be a master at reinterpreting its mandate to include all sorts of ‘duties’ that are not listed in black and white anywhere in the regulations supposed to be governing it).

In fact, this principle can be extended to governments everywhere: it matters not if they are nominally ‘democratic’ – they all feel perfectly free to ignore the law at will when real or imagined ‘emergencies’ are held to demand ‘action’ – but they will certainly not shy away from throwing the book at opponents (more on this point in a subsequent post).

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