Social Media Bombs: Wells Fargo “Facebook-Bombed” By Hundreds of Messages in New Type of Activism [silvervigilante]


Wells Fargo has banned hundreds of individuals from their Facebook page for protesting the banks investments into private prison companies and thus profiting upon one of the biggest markets in the US: it’s prison system. The event marks the first time the “Social Media Bomb” technique of activism has been deployed to such a degree, and it has left Wells Fargo a bit shaken.

The National People’s Action organized “Storm Wells Fargo Facebook Day” and hundreds of people partook. The focus of the action was to confront Wells Fargo for investing millions of dollars into private prisons. Of course, private prisons are a rapidly growing in the US as the slave population will need plantations to provide them food and menial labor to do. What the group did was organize individuals who were to post on Wells Fargo’s website protesting the afore-stated dollar investments into private prisons.  This is a novel tactic, one I had not yet heard of, and I believe this tactic could be expanded upon and as effective as the cyber-attacks used by hacker groups.


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